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  • July 11, 2023 5:53 PM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    Contact:  Allison Taylor Levine

    July 5, 2023                                                                                 Cell 302.345.0589


    The Arsht-Cannon Fund (ACF) at the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) is pleased to announce $600,000 in grants to Latino-serving nonprofit organizations in Delaware. With the mission to provide educational opportunities for Delaware’s Latino families, grants were provided in six categories. “The ACF is proud to support Delaware’s Latino communities with the funding of over 32 program leader and staff positions in 18 Latino-serving nonprofits,” said ACF Executive Director Dr. Christine Cannon. To learn more visit:

  • June 13, 2023 6:21 PM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    Discover Financial Services - Discover Launches $36 million Fund Aimed to Improve Financial Health in Delaware

    Discover Bank has launched a new mission-driven investment fund, the Discover Financial Health Improvement Fund, to support startups and early-stage technology companies who are developing solutions to improve the financial health of low- and moderate-income people, communities, and small businesses. Discover Bank has made an initial capital commitment of $36 million.

    “We continually explore innovative ways to support our communities in which we operate and creating the Discover Financial Health Improvement Fund is a unique way of doing that,” said Matthew Parks, vice president of Discover Bank. “As technology continues to evolve, we want to fund entrepreneurs who have identified creative ways to benefit those of modest means. It is our expectation that these technologies can both be profitable and beneficial to the community.”. Click here to learn more: Discover Financial Services - Discover Launches $36 million Fund Aimed to Improve Financial Health in Delaware

  • June 07, 2023 6:13 PM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    WILMINGTON, Del., May 25, 2023 — DuPont (NYSE: DD) today announced that they have achieved a key milestone in their STEM Career Catalyst Program with the release of three new STEM career profile videos. The videos, featuring DuPont employees, are geared toward students in grades K-5.

    The STEM Career Catalyst Program is a three-year partnership between DuPont, Discovery Education and the Delaware Department of Education (DoE). Launched in November 2021, the program serves to increase student and teacher access to high-quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) resources, as well as instructional materials that enhance career and technical education programs across Delaware. The ultimate goal is to build the next generation workforce by increasing interest in STEM careers, particularly among under-represented student populations. Link to the attached press release to learn more. 

  • April 25, 2023 10:47 AM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    Healthy Communities Delaware

    One of our key stakeholders, Healthy Communities Delaware, just released the 2022 Network Progress Report.  This report speaks to the community impact and return on investment that is being made to meaningfully address vital conditions and improve the health and well-being of our neighbors in an equitable way throughout Delaware.

    To learn more please see the link below:

  • April 25, 2023 10:41 AM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

    As a component of our continual focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and as Women's History Month comes to an end, we offer a link to the most recent data available from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy's Women & Girls Index. The index provides the most comprehensive data on charitable organizations dedicated to women and girls. Note the following:

    • These organizations received $7.9 billion in philanthropic support in 2019—a fraction of that received by traditional nonprofit subsectors like education and health.
    • This amount made up 1.9% of overall charitable giving, remaining relatively unchanged from 2018.

    To learn more please see the link below:

  • April 25, 2023 10:38 AM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    11 Trends in Philanthropy for 2023

      The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy released its annual report noting trends in philanthropy for 2023. Many variables impact our work in the philanthropic sector. What should we be mindful of, change or embrace in 2023? Note the quick list of the 11 Trends below and follow the link for further examination of each.

    "The 11"                 
    •   The Rise of Collaborative Funding
    •   Rethinking What Capacity Building Should Be — and Who Should Decide
    •  Disaster Philanthropy is Transitioning for the Long Haul
    •  For-Profit News Outlets are Exploring Nonprofit Models
    •  New Organizational Structure Models are Toppling the Staff Pyramid.
    •  Policymakers are Paying Increasing Attention to Moving More Money Faster. 
    •  ESG Backlash Will Affect the Future of Philanthropy and Impact Investing
    •  Will Philanthropy Stay Focused on Racial Equity?
    •  More Nonprofit Employees are Moving to Unionize
    •  IRS Delays and Other Barriers to Data Mean Real Risks for Nonprofits
    •  The Public is Holding Nonprofits Accountable to Living Their Mission and Values

    To learn more about the 11 trends in Philanthropy please see below:

  • May 25, 2022 12:29 PM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    Delaware’s two-year, $5.3 million coordinated philanthropic response to the COVID-19 pandemic culminated this week with grants to key hospital systems throughout the state.

    Bayhealth in Kent County, ChristianaCare in New Castle County and Beebe Healthcare in eastern Sussex County have each received $60,000, and the TidalHealth Nanticoke in western Sussex County received $35,390.60 from the Delaware COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund to address community healthcare needs related to the evolving pandemic.

    The awards mark the final grants from the COVID-19 Strategic Response Fund, which was launched in March 2020 as a partnership of the Delaware Community Foundation and Philanthropy Delaware.

    Since inception, the fund has awarded a total of $5,333,615.60 donated by more than 400 Delaware foundations, corporations, businesses and individuals, to help nonprofits throughout the state effectively address the community’s needs.

    In the early phases of the pandemic, the Strategic Response Fund made weekly grants to address urgent needs, including emergency food, housing, medical care and other services. As the community’s needs changed, the fund began awarding broader grants to help nonprofits pay for technology for virtual programming and services, build outdoor facilities, increase support to those isolated by the pandemic and more.

    Over the past two years, the fund has awarded 294 grants to more than 200 nonprofit organizations and engaged more than 40 volunteers in determining how to distribute the money. Hundreds of thousands of Delawareans have been touched by these grants in one way or another, DCF President and CEO Stuart Comstock-Gay.

    “If you or a loved one received services or enjoyed a virtual program from a library, senior center, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, the Brandywine Zoo, the Biggs Museum, the Freeman Stage or any other Delaware nonprofit organization, you may have benefited from one of these grants,” Comstock-Gay said. “Delawareans stepped up, donated millions of dollars and gave generously of their time and expertise to help their neighbors in this crisis. This has been a case study in what it means to be a community.”

    The Strategic Response Fund was established as part of a coordinated philanthropic response in partnership with United Way of Delaware and the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA). The combined expertise of the DCF, Philanthropy Delaware, United Way and DANA magnified the impact of the charitable dollars available, Philanthropy Delaware President and CEO Tynetta Brown said.

    “These partners understand both the community’s needs as well as what it takes for our nonprofit organizations to meet those needs,” Brown said. “That made it possible for us to home in on the most effective ways to help the most Delawareans. I have never been prouder of our community.”

    A full list of grantees and reports on earlier phases of the grantmaking programs are available at The DCF and Philanthropy Delaware are preparing a final, comprehensive report that will provide the public with a detailed breakdown of all grants awarded, including distribution across geographic areas and categories of need.

    We are grateful to the major donors to the Strategic Response Fund, including Longwood Foundation ($2 million), Barclays ($700,000), New Castle County ($500,000), Welfare Foundation ($300,000), CSC ($100,000), Crestlea Foundation ($100,000), Fund for Women ($100,000), Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware ($100,000), Jesse Ball Du Pont Fund ($100,000), Laffey-McHugh ($100,000), Discover ($100,000), DCF ($75,000), DuPont ($75,000), Gates Foundation ($65,000), Jeff and Rhonda Banning Foundation ($50,000), Comenity Bank ($75,000), M&T ($50,000), Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell ($50,000), Fulton Bank ($35,000), JP Morgan Chase ($30,000), Bank of America ($25,000), Capital One ($25,000), TD Bank ($25,000) and WSFS Bank ($25,000).

    About the Delaware Community Foundation 

    The mission of the Delaware Community Foundation is to improve the lives of the people of Delaware by empowering and growing philanthropy through knowledge and relationships, now and in the future. As a facilitator, information resource and manager of charitable funds, the DCF helps communities and philanthropists focus charitable resources for the greatest community benefit statewide. For more information, visit or call 302.571.8004.

    About Philanthropy Delaware

    Philanthropy Delaware advances philanthropy in the first state by connecting key stakeholders to drive meaningful impact for all Delawareans. Our vision is to crat a just, vibrant and thriving Delaware through effective, strategic, impactful and sustainable philanthropic investments. Philanthropy Delaware exists to also provide information, education, networking, and collaboration opportunities to individuals, corporations, and foundations that make significant charitable investments in Delaware, and to strengthen philanthropy through information and appropriate advocacy.  


  • March 15, 2022 12:42 PM | Philanthropy Delaware, Inc. (Administrator)

    Statewide, March 15, 2022 - DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, and Philanthropy Delaware introduced SHARE Delaware as the State’s first comprehensive resource for information on Delaware nonprofits and their program locations – all in one searchable database. Thanks to generous support by Discover Bank and Christiana Care an updated SHARE Delaware website with more enhanced mapping features is re-launched today.

    In partnership with Policy Map, the enhanced website contains information on registered 501(c)(3) organizations operating in the State of Delaware and allows anyone to search for organizations based on geographical areas and mission focus area. Policy Map’s community indicators such as demographic trends, housing, (list others) permit users to understand community impact in the areas where nonprofits operate.

    The update has created a user-friendly, locally customized, and mobile-friendly website intended to help government, foundations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and community members know which nonprofit is providing services in which location. The purpose behind the site is to transform the Delaware nonprofit and philanthropy community by providing universally accessible and useful information that will inspire collaboration and drive sustainable impact.

    “Philanthropy Delaware is pleased to collaborate with DANA in launching the SHARE Delaware platform,” said Philanthropy Delaware’s President & CEO, Tynetta Brown. “We see this as a way for our Membership to quickly access additional information about the nonprofits that request support for their respective missions. Noting the gaps, how resources and services are distributed across our State will be of immense value, ensuring that informed, impactful, sustainable investments are made.”

    "Through our partnership with Philanthropy Delaware, we have envisioned SHARE Delaware becoming a tool to identify organizations working on specific causes within the state, helping nonprofits to inform their strategic planning and identify potential partners," said Sheila Bravo, President & CEO for the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement.

    An information webinar will be held on April 7th, at 3:00 P.M. to profile the new features of the SHARE Delaware map. Registration is open at Visit the website at - and nonprofits can check to be sure their information is included and up to date.

    To be included in the map or for any questions contact Charles Alfree at or 302-777-5500.


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